Our focus has been to create income properties through intensification projects. We generate passive income through new construction and/or renovation projects. If you are interested in generating passive income through real estate or simply want to add value to your home, you may need some guidance. The advantage with AE Builders is that we have the capacity to initiate projects and see them through, whether becoming involved at the beginning or mid way through. From Implementation to completion, we have the skills and abilities to develop, design, build and manage projects at all stages.


AE Builders specialty begins with our expertise in all aspects of the development process. Our experience in our own projects has led to the know-how to understand and handle:

  • Zoning Bylaws
  • Minor Variances
  • Severance
  • Demolition
  • Permit Obtainment

Using these processes, AE Builders has focused on intensification projects including:

  • Severance of Land
  • Secondary Dwelling Units
  • Additions
  • Multi Family Projects


AE Builders is well experienced with all aspects of construction. We have extensive knowledge of the current building codes and have an established positive relationship with the trades in London. What sets us apart from other contractors is that we are a one stop shop for the entire building process.

We have experience in building:
  • Single family homes
  • Multi-family projects
  • Commercial Buildings

Whether it’s a multi family project or a custom home, we have the tools and knowledge to bring the project to life.


For the design of a property to be successful it must adhere to certain criteria. Every infill project is unique.

Site plan plays an important role in shaping the design. Where a house is situated on the lot, distance between buildings and property lines (set backs), parking, building height and so on, are all key factors.

Floor plans are a part of the design process that determine the flow, functionality and sophistication of a space. Consideration of window placement, sun exposure, room layout, location of entrances and exits are some of the many factors that contribute to proper design.

Finishes contribute to the decorative qualities of a space. Not only are aesthetics important but knowing what materials to use where helps improve durability, longevity and overall general appearance of a space over time.

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