one story house

Who We Are

For the past eight years, AE Builders has focused on creating income properties in London, Ont. Starting off as general contractors, AE Builders has specialized in new construction of infill development projects. Our knowledge goes beyond construction and we are skilled in all aspects of Planning, Development, and Design. We are the one stop shop to being able to build or renovate a new or existing space. From zoning, permits and construction, we do it all!

Modern kitchen

What We Do

AE Builders create passive income through new construction and/or renovation projects. We have experience with intensification projects, specifically:

  • Creating secondary dwellings in existing structures
  • Additions onto existing structures
  • Intensification
  • Consent to severe
  • Design and build on vacant land
  • Renovation projects for home owners
  • AE Builders also offers property management services

The advantage with AE Builders is that we have the capacity to initiate projects and see them through, whether becoming involved at the beginning or mid way through. From implementation to completion, we have the skills and abilities to manage, develop and build projects at all stages.